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The Online Affairs Support Center is a completely anonymous support center for individuals who want to discuss and support others in understanding the "online affair" or "internet romance".

This is a safe haven for individuals who fit the following scenarios:

Your spouse or partner had (or is having) an online affair.
You are currently having an internet romance.
You have been hurt by your "online friend".
You are considering having an internet relationship.

If you'd like to visit our message board, you can connect with others and gain insight from those who may be in the same situation as you. Or step into our chat room where you can do the same in real time. You can also relay your wisdom from past experiences to others who may need some advice. If you're worried about anonymity, you can set up a separate e-mail account at Yahoo, Hotmail or Mailcity.

We also have our Internet Romance Ups & Downs page. This is where you can tell us your story. We'd like to hear success stories as well as the unsuccessful ones. Simply e-mail your story to onlineaffairs@mailcity.com. Your e-mail address will not be published and your first name is all we need. You can always set up a web-based account at Yahoo, Hotmail or Mailcity (like mine).

My name is Marie; and, if you'd like to read the story which prompted me to start the Online Affairs Support Center, go to the Internet Romance Ups & Downs page.

Online Affairs Support Center

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